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Book & Lyrics by Wendy Waters

Alexander set out to conquer the world and implement Democracy. His campaign lasted 16 years.

ALEXANDER follows the inner journey of a tormented genius who used force to make the world a better place.

Music by Wendy Waters & Ian Camilleri

He made his headquarters in Babylon.

I made up all the melodies and developed them with brilliant composer/pianist Ian Camilleri.


The gold star of Macedonia was emblazoned on the shields of Alexander's soldiers.

ALEXANDER Star of Macedonia

The Show


The show is currently ready to be workshopped. 

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Currently working on The Last Tale with COMPOSER Shanon Whitelock

The Last Tale

The Last Tale

Baghdad 800AD, ten years after Scheherazade has told the last of her 1001 tales. She is Baghdad's beloved saviour. But her jealous husband King Shariah cannot share his people or his power with anyone and plots her abduction and murder.

Lyrics and Book by Wendy Waters

Music by Shanon Whitelock 

The Last Tale is a lush, colourful romp through ancient Baghdad when carpets flew and genies blew and romance was encrypted in every dune and star. 

My #musical ALEXANDER based on the life of the great conqueror as seen through the eyes of his faithful servant, Bagoas, a eunuch whom he acquired from King Darius after conquering Persia is ready to be workshopped.

ALEXANDER follows the inner journey a of a man tortured by ambition and the desire to save the world. His outer journey is well-documented but his inner torment and eventual descent into madness and melancholy is less well-known.

About Me

My Beginnings

I started life as an actress/singer. My passion for the world of Arts and Entertainment  was equalled only by my passion for nature and art. In some respects I am very lucky my career as an actress/singer never found traction. To relieve the frustration I wrote - poems, music, plays and prose. Soon my writing started to get the attention I'd always hoped my singing would get. Transitioning to writing happened suddenly. I started winning prizes and found a freedom of expression and an autonomy over my career that acting and singing had never provided. Today I call myself a writer.

My Favorite Work

The work I enjoy most is polishing a first draft of a novel, play or lyric. I love it when the blank page is filled with scribbles and ideas and I can start 

refining and polishing and crystallising my ideas. Completed works are Catch the Moon, Mary and Fields of Grace (novels) Miriam, Fred and Alexander (musicals) and a play based on Catch the Moon, Mary co-written with Jemina Macedo. Currently I'm working on a sequel to Catch the Moon, Mary.

My Life Today

My life today looks very different from my life only a few short years ago. Prior to 2015 I was just another unpublished author. Today I have a novel published and two musicals ready to be staged, an agent in London, Ian Taylor. I have had the privilege of working with talented composers and been fortunate enough to work with actors in London who have given me their time and support in a reading at Tristan Bates Theatre in Covent Garden in 2017.

Walk in My Footsteps Video

I wrote this song about an Aboriginal elder who told a young man to walk in her footsteps to avoid danger. It has some valuable life lessons.

I'm Tired

Check out this great video from ALEXANDER


Vocals Wendy Waters

Fading Fast

Fading Fast from #FRED #musical by Wendy Waters

Van Gogh's Eyes

Van Gogh's Eyes from #FRED music and lyrics and book Wendy Waters

I'm Amazing

I'm Amazing from #FRED  #musical by Wendy Waters

Music on this song co-written with Ian Camilleri

One Chance on the Earth

One chance on the earth one dance upon the earth. Make it count. Make a difference. Dance light.

Size Ten

Size Ten from #FRED musical by Wendy Waters

He Doesn't See Me

Check out this great video from ALEXANDER 

Book & Lyrics Wendy Waters

Music Wendy Waters & Ian Camilleri

Vocals Shane Kelly & Hayley Van Ravensway


Check out this great video from the musical ALEXANDER.

Book & Lyrics Wendy Waters

Music Wendy Waters & Ian Camilleri

Vocals Wendy Waters & Brian Sutton



My book musical addresses the issue of urban loneliness. Three women living side by side in an apartment building never bother with each other until the power in the building fails and an electrician called FRED arrives to fix both the power and their lives. 

Book and Lyrics Wendy Waters

Music Wendy Waters and Ian Camilleri


A four hundred year old woman living in a remote Abbey in Cornwall lures young men into the sea when the moon is full. She drowns them with a kiss. One night a blind singer called Pascal decides to free her torured soul with a song of his own. 

Book and Lyrics Wendy Waters 

Catch the Moon, Mary by Wendy Waters

A child prodigy attracts the attention of a fallen angel who offers her a Faustian deal in exchange for sole rights to her exquisite music. Available on Amazon.

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I am represented in London by Ian Taylor of RED DOOR VISION

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